Online coaching

12-week program

why v40 online coaching?

Why not?! You're not getting any younger or healthier!

Our online coaching service is an affordable fitness pro alternative designed specifically for the middle-aged man. No extreme or hardcore plan. Just a plan, on your terms. Real, attainable programs for real, sustainable results. Redefine getting older with V40!

Your coach will keep you accountable, consistent and motivated by implementing our comprehensive curriculum, custom-tailored for you and your busy schedule. Additionally, your coach will identify which muscles of your body are causing issues from being imbalanced, weak or tight then create a strategy to rebuild them.

All you have to do is follow the plan and your coach will take care of the rest!


Weekly calls with your coach to check in on your progress and keep your accountable. Go over the upcoming week’s workouts and discuss eating habit strategy. Review the previous week and answer any questions you may have.

Each week your coach will add the following details to your workouts:

– assign the workout format (supersets, circuits or standard sets)
– set the appropriate weight for each workout exercise
– prescribe the number of reps, sets and break time

Your coach will work with you to determine which of our eating habits recommendations is best suited for you. You will then learn how to structure and plan your meals each week with the guidance of your coach.

Log your meals using our nutrition software with over 500,000 food items from hundreds of brands, stores, & restaurants.

Easily find your food items with the convenient barcode scanner or make your own custom food items.

Adjust the serving size of each food item to accurately track your calories, carbs & other nutritional information.

To keep you accountable and consistent, each day you will check off your personalized list of daily habits once completed. Add as many habits as you want that are important to you such as quitting smoking, drinking more water or cutting out sugary drinks.
Saturday are dedicated as a yoga day but you can also use it as a make up workout. Sunday is an active rest day with 30+ minutes of low-intensity cardio or a sport you enjoy. You could also do our 30 minute full body stretch or switch days with Saturday. You get to decide!
Have direct access to your coach with the V40 app chat feature. Stay in contact with your coach to answer any questions you may have, provide meal/food recommendations and keep you motivativated throughout the week.

The v40 mindset

4 Pillars to our Health & Fitness Philosophy:

age isn't a Limitation

40 can be the new 50 or the new 30. You decide!

no hardcore extremes

We focus on getting you from 0 to 1, not going from 0 to 10

Feel Better, Look Better

Wake up energized & pain free with a healthier physique

enjoy life & feel alive

Reinvigorate your life with confidence & vitality


Approximately 25 minutes
You’re coach will consult with you on which program is best suited for your needs. Then during your weekly call, your coach will prescribe you the weight, reps and number of sets for each workout.
You can chat with your coach on the V40 app 24/7. As an online coaching client you will receive priority support.
Your coach will go over our eating habits recommendations to decide which one works best for you. Your coach will then support you throughout your 12 week program to ensure that you are mastering counting your calories and tracking your meals.

1) Change which time you receive a workout reminder/notification

2) Create custom habits with as many daily reminders as you want


If other programs all seem the same and don’t get how your body feels, YES.

If you are ready for a real program with real results, YES.

If you are tired of being in pain and living unhealthy, YES.

If you are want to rebuild your body and reinvigorate your life, YES.

If you are committed to the next 12-weeks with a V40 mindset, YES!