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14.99 a month

Virtus (vir-tūs):

Virtus was a specific virtue in Ancient Rome. It carries connotations of valor, manliness, excellence, courage, character, and worth, perceived as masculine strengths (from Latin vir, "man").

V40 is a men’s health app specifically designed to address the health, wellness and fitness needs of the middle-aged guy. No crazy workouts, ridiculous exercises, or product pitches from 20-something “influencers” with great tans and perfect genetics. Just real programs for real people:

  • Cost-effective health & fitness guidance
  • Structure & guidance for long-term results
  • Consistency & reliability of having a set plan
  • Accountability with daily reminders & notifications
  • Flexibility to accommodate your life & schedule

Feeling like you’re missing out on life because your health and body isn’t how it used to be? Do you just feel old? Well, guess what? You’re NOT old—your life is just getting started! Why live in constant pain and feel miserable when you can be pain free and be reinvigorated with V40!

Our specialized 12-week programs provide easy-to-follow workouts that focus on what we really need to feel better, look better and live better:

  • Improve poor posture
  • Fix shoulder & upper back pain
  • Correct lower back & hip issues
  • Increase flexibility with stretching & yoga
  • Build lean muscle & burn fat

The v40 mindset

Change your life with our Philosophy:

age isn't a Limitation

40 can be the new 50 or the new 30. You decide!

no hardcore extremes

We focus on getting you from 0 to 1, not going from 0 to 10

Feel Better, Look Better

Wake up energized & pain free with a healthier physique

enjoy life & feel alive

Reinvigorate your life with confidence & vitality

Improve your eating habits with v40!

Our nutrition software makes logging your meals and tracking your calories quick and easy! Conveniently record all the food items for each meal and stay consistent with our calorie counter.

  • Over 500,00 food items in our nutrition database
  • Nutrition facts from hundreds of brands, stores & restaurants
  • Can’t find it? Create your own custom food items
  • We even have a barcode scanner to make your search easy!

Discover the benefits of Intermittent Fasting and how to make it work for you. Want to know what the keto diet hype is all about? We’ll get you up to speed as well as teach you which normal everyday foods are ketogenic and those that aren’t with our 5-day meal plan examples.

Don’t think Keto is for you but still want to be carb conscious? Learn how to decrease your carb intake with our lower carb 5-day meal plan examples. We’ll show you our low-carb food hacks to cut your carbs without cutting out the foods you enjoy. It’s kinda like having your cake and eating it too, but with a low-carb birthday cake ice cream! (eating habit recommendations are optional)

Redefine getting older with V40!

What a v40 day looks like:

Receive a workout notification of what is scheduled for you that day.

In each workout you can choose the exercise variations based on the equipment you have available.

Watch the exercise videos which include low impact & assisted variations to match your level.

Adjust the sets, reps & breaks to fit the workout time into your schedule.

Workouts designed to address your specific issues that cause chronic pain & daily discomfort.

The exercises in each workout target the specific muscles that cause common injuries.

Watch the foam roller & ball trigger point release videos to release these muscles.

Lossen tight muscles & improve your flexibility with stretching & yoga.

Each workout & rebuild session start with stretch routine videos for your upper body and/or lower body & core. After your warmup, of course.

Weekends include a 30-minute beginner yoga video to further improve your mobility. The sessions are created with you in mind so you’ll be fine!

Improve your posture, reduce lower back pain, alleviate hip discomfort, & fix nagging shoulder & upper back issues.

Log your meals using our nutrition software with over 500,000 food items from hundreds of brands, stores, & restaurants.

Easily find your food items with the convenient barcode scanner or make your own custom food items.

Adjust the serving size of each food item to accurately track your calories, carbs & other nutritional information.

Each day you will receive daily healthy habit reminders to keep you accountable & consistent for long-term results. Check off each habit from your list once it’s completed.

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