Frequently Asked Questions

Workout Questions

The cardio exercises do not require equipment and most of the core exercises do not either.

For the workouts with exercises that require equipment, there are several variations provided depending on what equipment you have available, dumbbells, barbell, cables, machines, etc.


We’ve gotchu! Each workout routine is designed to be modifiable regardless of the level you’re at. You can adjust the number of sets and reps, frequency and duration of breaks, and time for cardio exercises to your comfort level.

Every exercise has an instructional video with a description of how to perform them correctly. Also, cardio exercises have low impact versions and body weight exercises have assisted versions to minimize the stress on your body.

As long as you would like it be! Because the V40 workouts are modifiable, you can adjust the duration the workouts based on the amount of time you have available.  Simply do more sets if you have the time and fewer sets if you have less time. Or do the 5 minute stretch instead of the 10 minute stretch to shorten the workout.

You can get a quality workout in as little as 30 minutes which is only 2% of your day! 

Every day has an exercise assignment but not all of them are necessarily “workouts”. For example, Saturday is typically a yoga day and Sunday is a cardio day where you choose what form of cardio you would like to do for 30+ minutes.

Two days a week are usually dedicated for rebuild workouts which are only about 15-20 minutes each (you can do do a longer warm up and/or add a stretch to make it longer).

No problem! We understand that life sometimes (often!) gets in the way so if you do miss a workout you can just combine two workouts into one. 

For example, if you miss a rebuild workout then just add it at the end of one of your other workouts. Adjust the number of sets so that both routines fit in the amount of time you have available.

Once you have completed the initial V40 Rebuild program  You will have a solid understanding on how to take care of your body and workout with good form and proper technique. You will have a stronger, more conditioned body with the confidence to take on new workouts.

In addition to our Rebuild programs, we have several other motivating workout programs to choose from that will challenge you to further improve your health and fitness.

Meal plan/food log q's

We have four 5-day sample meal plans that combine intermittent fasting with keto or lower carb eating habits. Review the one you feel fits your goals and needs the most or review them all.

Each plan is constructed to show you how your meals would look, how many calories you should have at each meal and what types of foods are acceptable for keto or lower carb eating habits.

Our blog posts and newsletter will regular include new keto and lower carb food ideas and “carb hacks” to stay on track with your eating habits.

Log your meals by searching for the food items in your meal then adding them to that meal log. When selecting a food item you can choose the type of serving (e.g. a whole avocado or 1 cup) and how many servings. Once you have selected a food item, the calories and other nutritional information will be added to your meal log. 

The whole point of logging your meals is to get good at keeping track of your caloric intake and how many calories are in different foods. Once you master that you’ll able to consistently make healthier decisions as you improve your quality of life.

Our database has over 500,000 food items from most brands, grocery stores and restaurant chains. You can search for food items 3 ways:

  1. Type in the food item you’re looking for
  2. Use the barcode scanner
  3. Search your most recent entries

If you can’t find it then you can create your own custom food item with calories and other nutrition info.

Great question! 2100 calories is the number of calories the average man (198lbs and 5′ 9″) burns a day with a sedentary lifestyle.

Because some of us burn more or less than 2100 calories a day–we’ll show you how to calculate that–our nutrition software will assist you with adjusting that number so that it’s specific to you.

These are two types of eating habits that we have experience with so we are confident they can have a positive impact on your health and body weight (all eating habit recommendations are optional).

We aren’t endorsing incorporating these eating habits forever, but we do believe that incorporating keto and/or lower carb eating habits can instill discipline, control cravings and build a foundation for  lifelong healthy eating habits…forever!

The keto diet cuts out all foods that have carbohydrates and sugar:

  • fruit
  • juices
  • rice
  • pasta
  • bread
  • potato
  • certain vegetables
  • pretty much all desserts

As you can see, that’s cutting out a lot which is why don’t see it as long-term way to eat. On the other hand, we do believe that lower carb eating habits is a sustainable way to eat.

If keto seems a bit too intense for you but you still want to be carb-conscious, then lower carb eating habits may be right for you. There are many creative food items and “carb hacks” that are excellent replacements for many of the foods that aren’t ketogenic such as bread, bars and ice cream.

App Questions

  1. Go to the SIGN UP page then choose the program that is right for you.
  2. After submitting payment, you will then complete the onboarding process and your profile, then be guided to download the Apple or Google Play app.
  3. In the app stores you will be directed to the My PT Hub app. Download this. Once you enter your login information the logo will change to V40.
  4. Check your inbox for our welcome email. If you do not see it check your spam/junk folder.
  5. Click the link in the email to be directed to our Welcome Page where you will find support material to learn how to use the V40 app efficiently.

Do or do not. There is no cancel! Kidding, but did you get the Yoda reference??

Cancel your subscription at anytime. After your current month you subscription will end…forever! Kidding again. You’re always welcome back and we encourage everyone to experience all of our programs. 

Visit https://www.v40health.com/app on your desktop, from the Main Menu click on the Financial tab. Click on Packages then click on the “…” to the right of your program and then select Details. Click on the “…” to the right of Subscriptions then select Cancel.

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Browser on any other mobile device

Off course! You can change out of your current program to another one anytime.

In addition to our six Rebuild programs, we have several other unique and challenging programs to choose from once you completed your initial one.

We have Help Videos tab in the Main Menu and you can also find V40 specific videos in the Files tab. You can also chat with us in the app with the chat feature.

The app software company we use, My PT Hub, is currently working on creating our app in the app stores so you won’t find V40 in the stores just yet.

Once you sign up for one of our programs you will then download the My PT Hub app. After you first login the logo will change to the V40 logo on your device.